Monday, 30 December 2013

Home Sweet Home

After about a week and a half of travelling and visiting with family we are happy to be home again. Everything still in it's place, even Ottawa's reliably horrible weather. Honestly I don't think this place was meant to sustain human life but oh well I guess it's working out so far.

Our car actually held up pretty well this trip. Our little mini Mazda sure gets a lot of looks of bewilderment mixed with amazement wherever we go. With the five of us it looks like when clowns in a circus file out of an amazingly small car. No one seems to know how we manage fitting all the car seats in (with great difficulty) or how we ourselves fit in (with greater difficulty). Then you add heaps of Christmas presents, clothes, books, toys, and snacks; which really makes for a less than luxurious trip to say the least. But other than the extreme lack of space the journey went well. Miriam our littlest was actually one of the best behaved which is a very big change from when she was a baby.

It was wonderful to spend time with my side of the family as we don't get to see them as much as my wife's side who for the most part are here in Ottawa. My nephews are decidedly taller and so is their sister; all of whom will be entering teenagerhood soon (yikes). I finally met the newest addition to the family, baby Lily. Although she wasn't a huge fan of me I admired her mostly from across the room, which was certainly her preference. The few times I did hold her she would keep her composure for a few minutes so as not to hurt my feelings, and then finally would break down into the  "who the heck is this weird hairy guy holding me mama" cry! I seem to remember my own children doing the exact same thing with their uncles but perhaps with a bit more anger. I'm not sure if Lex caught the baby bug or not with having been around such a cutie pie but I guess we'll see.

We were blessed with many thoughtful gifts this Christmas, we have a very generous family indeed, on both sides. Thankfully our sock collection now includes more that four pairs of actual socks. Lex and I were literally sharing four pairs I kid you not. How did we let it get so bad you ask,,I really don't know, probably a mixture of laziness and cheapness, but were good now.

New years is coming soon and I will post pictures of whatever shinanegans we get up to on new years eve. God bless!

clown car


  1. You have a great family! Makes one want to start all over again, [almost]. Our country's future would be in good hands if home life, in general, was in your hands. More happy new years!
    John and Bonnie.

  2. We're just glad you're home safe and sound.

    let's all stay put for a bit!